Announcement Ministry

Queen Aseminaso

Facilitates Church Announcement

Building Ministry

Dr. Bridget Nkumbe

The Mission of the Building Ministry is to aid in the fundraising activities of the Goshen City Project. The Building Ministry guides the church leadership through the complex process leadership in securing a permanent place of worship. The Building Ministry in collaboration with the Senior Pastor, works hand in hand to make sure the property/building acquisition project is seamless.

Business & Career Ministry

Gbemi Fakunle

The goal is to create wealth for Winners’ Church members by serving as a resource center. Business owners, prospective business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, employers, employees can use the services of Winners Business and Career Network (WBCN) to empower themselves with knowledge which leads to wealth. WBCN will assist members and guests who are seeking employment, career advancement or wish to polish their resumes and/or sharpen their skills.

Children Ministry

MacQueen Njoku

The Children’s Ministry at Winners Church exists to provide a loving, nurturing and safe environment in which to teach our children the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

Elevate College Ministry

Blessing Oyofo

To prepare high school and incoming college students to move from “glory to glory” by staying connected to their home, church, and Jesus with spiritual, financial, and emotional guidance going into higher education or the military

Evangelism Ministry

Chinedu Obiora

This ministry promote and share God’s message of hope, love, and salvation while leading others to a life-changing personal relationship with God

Event Planning Ministry

Candida Fofana

This ministry produces, convene, and evaluate special events in the church that support excellence in ministry.

Facility Maintenance

Iyke Njoku

Ensures proper maintenance of both inside and outside grounds of the church. The ministry with the vision to maintain and inspect the church building and property to determine the need for repair.

Finance Department/Ministry

Dr. Bola Boasmanboon

The mission of the Finance department is to strategically and proactively lead Winners Church finances to maximize Kingdom impact, and to run a debt-free church

God's Marshal

Hycinth Yimga

This ministry provides a remarkable experience to all worshipper upon arrival at WC premises. To assist in the management of the available parking spaces while ensuring the ease of car park and safety of all passengers/worshippers.

Greeters Ministry

Mary Dodoo

A ministry with welcoming atmosphere to all that enter a Church of God

Harvester's Squad

Veronica Odika

This ministry provides an enriching knowledge about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ while explaining the importance and significance of water baptism.

Health Ministry

Selina Booney

To promote a safe and healthy church environment, and support the physical, as well as the emotional health needs of members of the church.

Hope Alive Foundation

Liza Fagbenro

Soul winning, building strong ties between mission grounds and WC, enforcing the knowledge and love of Christ, Supporting the underprivileged through monetary and spiritual support

Ladies of Virtue and Excellence (L.O.V.E) Women’s Ministry

Adeola Adedeji-Tella

To build a relationship with Christ by equipping, encouraging, and sharpening one another

Light Vessels for Christ (LVC)

Patricia Aseminaso

To enhance and strengthen our personal relationship with Jesus Christ through initiatives in principle with the spiritual and physical fundamentals of Winners Church.


Media Production Ministry

Henry Osayameh

A mission to continually propagate great worship experience through technology, innovation, creativity and service to God

Men of Valor and Excellence (M.O.V.E.) Men’s Ministry

Godwin Asuelimen

Our mission is to help promote and develop God-fearing men, men of vision, men of faith and men of integrity that will be available for the works of the kingdom by putting the great commission above all agenda.

Mother & Baby Care Ministry

Evelyn Ejeh

Our ministry supports new and nursing mothers right from the early stages of conception to after delivery as well as providing helpful information to the families.

Outreach Ministry

Marybelle Conteh

A ministry that encourages the less privileged in the society, impacting upon them, the love of Christ. To strive to provide at-risk and homeless men, women, and children with services and food to affect positive life changes

Power House Ministry

Segun Alatise

Our vision is to move the mighty hands of God through fervent prayers. To provide a strong spiritual force through prayers for the church as a unit and members as individuals.

Protocol Ministry

Kasimu Oyofo

To maintain order and decorum in the Church of God while serving Pastor and our Guest Ministers

Sanctuary Keepers

MacQueen Njoku

A well seasoned ministry that maintains an orderly use of the Sanctuary before, during, and after services while ensuring that the Church restrooms and the surroundings are kept clean and presentable. Maintaining a place worthy of God’s people and His presence.

Sunday School Ministry

Nanaya Okweyere-Bona

Interactively teach biblical truths, encourage personal relationships and fellowship among members and guest who desire a deeper walk with the Lord, and to draw individuals into a relationship with the Lord and challenge them to grow as believers through life-changing scriptural studies.

Teenage Choir

The Royal Teen Chapel (Teenagers Ministry)

Rebecca Bona

To teach and enhance the principles of the word of God into the lives of the next generation to help them become effective Christians.

Training Department

 Dr. Joe Wolemonwu

To establish, advance, and encourage Winners’ Church workers effectiveness by developing and providing series of innovative and diverse training programs in support of the Winners Church’s commitment to the workers and volunteers development, collaboration, and spiritual enrichment.

Transportation Ministry

Tunde Adetayo

Need a Ride to Church?

Our Transportation Ministry is a valuable outreach of our Church, designed to reach and cater to the entire family. We strive to provide reliable and safe transportation to and from Sunday services in a warm, friendly, and clean environment.

Ushering Ministry

Olabisi Fagbenro

To maintain order in the Church of God, create a welcoming church environment and facilitate sanctuary orderliness according to Winners Church code of conduct.

Visitation Ministry

Associate Pastor Margaret Emuh

We strive to demonstrate a holistic approach in everything we do as it relates to the physical body, emotional soul, and eternal spirit. We model our ministry after the life of Jesus Christ, who possessed hands that healed, words that comforted, peace that transcended every difficult situation and hope that encourages.

Voice of Judah (Music Ministry)

FL Floral Godwin

To lead and usher the congregation into the presence of God through praise and worship by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Welcoming Department

Patience Hayfron

Every visitor and guest feel accepted, recognized, informed, and most importantly, appreciated during their visit. Visitors may come as guests we aim for them to return as Winners Church family.

Welfare Department

Jane Nongni

The Welfare Ministry is an arm of Winners Church with the responsibility to care for and serve the less fortunate within the church.

Wisdom Bank

To bring the elderly in the church together, attend to their needs and let them have a sense of belonging.  Also, to act as a backbone to the church leaders

Workers Directorate

Dr. Bridget Nkumbe

A ministry poised to coordinates the human resource management of the church to ensure the development of an efficient workforce grown to achieve the mission, vision and goals of the church.