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God’s Marshal

Harvesters’ Squad

To provide an enriching knowledge about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ while explaining the importance and significance of water baptism.

Sanctuary Keepers

To maintain a well-organized and orderly use of the Sanctuary before, during, and after services while ensuring that the Church restrooms and the surroundings are kept clean and presentable. Maintaining a place worthy of God’s people and His presence.

Sunday School

To interactively teach biblical truths, encourage personal relationships and fellowship among members and guest who desire a deeper walk with the Lord, and to draw individuals into a relationship with the Lord and challenge them to grow as believers through life-changing scriptural studies.


Our Transportation Ministry is a valuable outreach of our Church, designed to reach and cater to the entire family. We strive to provide reliable and safe transportation to and from Sunday services in a warm, friendly, and clean environment on the Church van.


To serve Winners Church congregations and their relatives during times of illness, hospitalization, and confinement to home. We strive to demonstrate a holistic approach in everything we do as it relates to the physical body, emotional soul, and eternal spirit. 


The Welfare Ministry is an arm of Winners Church with the responsibility to care for and serve the less fortunate within the church.



To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the combination of sound, video, and computer technologies.  We are the silent group that uses our talent in audio, graphic, video and lighting.

Please kindly connect to any of your interested unit, if you are interested in joining the WC workforce. Join the winning side!